Marty Allran  Sculptural Ceramics Artist

"It is my hope that my art is received with the same pleasure that I experience in the creation of each and every piece."

                                             Marty Allran

Marty Allran is a ceramic sculptor with her own sophisticated style. Her large, artistic statement pieces are vibrant and full of life with distinctive shapes that are flowing in appearance with a sense of playfulness. Her colors are eye-catching, yet soothing.  Today, her creations adorn homes throughout North America.                

During her college years in interior design and art, Marty was drawn to many forms of artistic expression. Sculptural ceramics ultimately became her passion. Marty feels that her years as an interior designer imbued her with a keen sense of style, which she strives to deliver with thoughtful elegance in each piece.  Each one-of-a-kind, hand-built creation has its own personality. Her pieces feature original organic shapes and variegated colors, which she achieves through experimentally developed glazing processes. Attaining the desired result is a meticulous process involving multiple glazes and glaze firings. Marty’s color palettes are true to the natural world. Enchanting blues and greens flow through her pieces, which are frequently described as “being alive”.

Clay is a sensitive material that requires patience, but its malleability offers unlimited creative possibilities. Each piece begins as a flat slab. Marty’s seemingly delicate, yet strong, pieces are created from high fire stoneware clay and are oxidation fired to approximately 2200°F.

For Marty, creating ceramic sculptures is a labor of love. It is time spent in her studio, her sanctuary, with her God guiding and assisting her. Always, in the background are sounds and tempos of specially selected, soothing music to help silence life’s noises, while Marty is totally immersed in her creations.

Her creations are highly desired by those who appreciate the individuality of unique, hand-made creations with twists, turns, protrusions, and colors inspired by nature.